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Everything that one needs to know about Corey Cooper can be found in his stage name, Supa Joe Da Prince. From his brutal lyrics and savage delivery to his outstanding commitment to family and community, everything about this young artist is "Supa."

Now known for his hard hitting lyrics and freestyle abilities. Supa Joe Da Prince began his writing career at a very early age. In fact, by the age of ten, he was expressing himself through the songs he wrote. Before finishing elementary school, Supa Joe Da Prince's love of music and rapping abilities had earned him the name Southside Joe. Even then, he was commanding the respect of well seasoned rappers. Inspired by his cousins, Master Smoke and Lloyd, Supa Joe Da Prince decided to continue his family's musical legacy. Though he marveled at Master Smoke's success, it was the untimely death of Lloyd that cemented the young rappers future.

Compelled to continue his family's legacy, Supa Joe Da Prince began performing on stages at the age of sixteen. His commanding presence and clever delivery are quite appealing to crowds. The rapper's lyrics are as hypnotic as they are relatable. Supa Joe Da Prince is well known for writing music that tells of the encounters of the average youth. He understands their stories and inspires them with the hope of brighter days. In his song, "Hustle & Grind," Supa Joe Da Prince tells the gritty story of his experiences dealing with street life while connecting with those in similar stituations.

Though known for his raw tracks, Supa Joe Da Prince is also celebrated for his light hearted up tempo songs as well. The lyricist shows his flexibility in songs like "Tear Dis." Supa Joe Da Prince's music is high energy and highly contagious. His performance in front of crowds is spectacular. Coupled together, he is guaranteed to electrify crowds and addict fans.

In the song "Hustle & Grind" Supa Joe Da Prince sums up his life story in one seemingly simplcit lyric, "Growing up I didn't have much; Momma struggle; Daddy in the penitentiary; so I ain' t have nothing...." What was lacking in material items was replaced by a strong sense of family and devotion. Supa Joe refers to himself as Da Prince because in his eyes his father is a king. He represents his family each time he grabs a mic. Fueled by his desire to represent his family and by his natural musical abilities, this future king is on his way to the top.