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Unlimited, unstoppable, undeniable, incomparable, Dufflebag Trizzy is a musical phenomenon destined to dominate the music industry.

Known for his captivating presence and lyrical finesse, Anthony Dufflebag Trizzy Landor is a well seasoned MC. This go getter is dedicated to achieving the very lofty goals that he has set for himself. Dufflebag Trizzy is striving to create music that is easily relatable and highly marketable to the masses. Rather than cater to one target listener, the artist tells several narratives. His music is enjoyed in both urban and mainstream markets. His catalogue features both fast and slow tracks as well tracks that range from edgy to commercial. The artist's goal is to create music that will be enjoyed by everyone.

Dating back to his early teens, Dufflebag Trizzy has a long history of creating memorable lyrics. The key to his lyrical genius is in his creative process. The vast majority of contemporary artists spend countless hours drafting their music. Perfecting lyrics and creating memorable hooks is a rather daunting task. Not for Dufflebag Trizzy. Everything that Dufflebag Trizzy creates is on the spur of the moment. He has mastered the art of free styling and does so in all of his music. He has never picked up a pencil and a pad. Dufflebag Trizzy only enters the recording booth with his raw emotions and unstoppable talent.

This talent first emerged in high school, when the then young rapper captivated crowds with a song he wrote for his high school's football team. Little did he know that this song would become a part of the school's legacy and be used to ignite crowds for years to come. This stepping stone began the ongoing love affair between Dufflebag Trizzy and music. A love so sincere, that Dufflebag Trizzy has dedicated his entire life to ensuring its longevity. In an effort to make music his main priority, he walked away from his daily job so that he could focus all of his attention to elevating his musical career.

Fusion of Midwest swagger with laid back Southern sounds create the movement that is Dufflebag Trizzy. This eclectic sound has massive commercial appeal and caters to all markets. Dufflebag Trizzy's versatility can be explained by the contrasting phases of his life. Born and raised in Chicago, he relocated over a decade ago and made the Gulf Coast his home. The differences between musical styles in both areas is vast. Dufflebag Trizzy refused to conform to the standards of music from either region. Blending in was not an option. By developing a unique fusion of sounds and creating his own niche in music, Dufflebag Trizzy is well on his way to obtaining the success that he has tirelessly been working for. Inspired by his mantra, " I woke up this morning to get me some money," Dufflebag Trizzy's musical genius will not be denied.